Review: Woven Wings Natty Geo

7th May 2015



Woven Wings

Natty Geo

62% combed cotton, 38% Egyptian cotton

248 gsm

I have never had the urge to take a chance on a natty, mostly because I am clumsy and stains happen, but since I have had the privilege of hosting the lovely natty geo, I cannot get its creamy goodness off my mind. From the moment it arrived, there was something special about it. The bright white contrasted with a honey-creamed tone, just lifts off the wrap and shimmers in the light. It is elegant, with an edge. It is classy and refined, and a total head-turner. Of all the wraps that have passed my way, this one received the most compliments from wrappers and non-wrappers. It can be dressed up, or dressed down.

DSC_0449 DSC_0457

This blend is unlike any other I have ever tried. It is thin yet supportive, and it glides beautifully. It has the perfect amount of stretch and practically wraps itself. After a solid and tight wrap job in a FWCC, It stayed in place without any need to re-tighten during a 2.5 hour walk. I wouldn’t say it is necessarily cushy, but it is definitely not diggy by any means. It felt comfortable, and as my 4 month old little guy settled into a nap, it molded around him and kept him cool and cuddled. The blended cotton adds a little extra something special that I can’t quite put into words, but it has me. This wrap has me. I just love woven wings cotton, its what made me fall in love with wovens, and this doesn’t disappoint. I keep trying to think of a con, but none come to mind…other than I may not reach for it as much if I were just wrapping my toddler. But for where we are at right now, with mostly wrapping on front with an infant, it shines.

During its stay we took this wrap with us to church, the park, shopping, and for our daily walks around the neighborhood. By the end of its stay, I wasn’t ready to part with it. It became a part of our family, it felt familiar, like an old friend coming to visit and you just pick right up where you left off. It easily fit into our routine and we reached for it over our other wraps.

2015-04-17 17.42.55 2015-04-17 13.06.40 2015-04-21 14.09.18

If you are looking for something thin and airy for summer but also supportive, classy, and simple, with edge, this is your wrap. I can’t wait till its release, because I miss it so much.

Huge thanks to the ladies at Woven Wings for the privilege of testing this beauty.

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