A Review: Woven Wings Multi-Triangles

18th September 2015


Woven Wings Multi-Triangles Wool Blend

13% Merino 87% EC


“The Chambray Fairy”

Being a fan of the Fairies design (triangles), I could not wait to get my hands on the new wooly triangle blend. When it arrived It was a lovely light blue and olive green, almost a chambray color with muted green tones throughout. I am nicknaming it the “chambray fairy”. It is much thicker in hand than the all cotton fairies but not overly thick. It is a nice medium weight but with a nice drape.

I was never a fan of wool until I met Woven Wings merino. It changed me. The fluffy, cuddly, softness is like no other merino blend I have tried. Being the first tester of this particular wrap, I won’t get to see how fast it breaks in and how soft it becomes compared to my merino blend geo. As first impressions go I did not find this to be as soft as the other wool blends, but I was impressed with the cushy and solid wrap qualities it offered.

IMG_0150 DSC_1550 DSC_1548

The dense weave of the triangles lends itself to feeling smooth, and almost an ace-bandage feel while wrapped, but the wool adds just a touch of nice texture throughout. I truly loved how it draped around us while wrapped. I wrapped my 8 month old in a double hammock and strolled around the neighborhood as he napped comfortably. It was a particularly hot and muggy day that day, but I did not feel overly hot which is surprising with how the dense the weave is. I suppose that is the magical mystery of wool’s moisture wicking capabilities. Throughout the week we tried a FWCC, Ruck TT, and I even convinced my 2.5 year old to go up for bit and I found this wrap very toddler worthy and supportive.

DSC_1542 DSC_1532 DSC_1521 DSC_1506 DSC_1501

Overall, I really love the wrap qualities of wool triangles. It’s dense and cozy, supportive and cushy, and reminiscent of a flannel blanket the way it drapes around you.

I am so excited for more triangles and I am really excited for these wool blends, though I would prefer a different color, as I found these to be just a touch too muted for my taste.


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