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Phyllis the paper-mache rhino

14th October 2013


Preview of “Untitled”

When we found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted the nursery to have a little bit of an African theme with lots of cute giraffes, elephants, rhinos, etc.. I came across the cutest paper mache giraffe from Anthropologie, and wanted it to hang on the wall of the nursery. I showed it to Ryan, who then proceeded to tell me that he could make one out of paper mache and any other animal I wanted. Whaaaa? Who knew he had a little crafty side that he had been hiding from me. He started with a rhino head and built it out to look pretty realistic! I purchased a French book and we mod-podged the torn pages onto the rhino to look like skin, and then I painted it. It’s pretty awesome. We named her Phyllis. Ryan is already getting started on a giraffe and an elephant. I foresee paper-mache animal heads taking over our home in the future.

DSC_0422 DSC_0423

Easter Inspiration

5th April 2012

I looooove Easter. I love the pretty pastel colors, the spring air, the sunrise Easter church services, and the celebration of God’s love for us. Easter is pretty great. One of my favorite memories of growing up was dyeing Easter eggs and filling plastic eggs with candy to hunt for in the yard after Church. I remember dressing up in a pretty, frilly, Easter dress and taking pictures with the family. Easter is full of wonderful memories.
This week I dyed Easter Eggs with my best friends precious kids and we made gluten-free Easter cupcakes that were yummers.

Here is a little Easter Inspiration for you ~


*Urban Comfort


While our Easter eggs did not turn out as pretty as those, we had fun…and they tasted good.