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Threads From Threadcase

14th July 2011

I recently did another photo shoot for the lovely online boutique, Threadcase. My good friend, and photographer, Cass and I stumbled upon this beautiful nursery right after it had rained. The ground was wet and the plants and flowers were glistening. The sun had that late afternoon/after rain sort of glow and it made for a perfect setting for a photo shoot. I just love these dresses that Bri of Threadcase sent me. I wore the lovely as a peacock dress, the daydream dress, and the feel like a woman dress. I loved them all.

Satchel Love

19th August 2010

With it getting closer and closer to Fall, I have been on the hunt for a satchel bag.  Old or new, I want one that slings over my shoulder just right and in the perfect color. Aren’t these lovely?

Satchel Love