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Oh, Hello Again.

21st August 2013

I am back from Ohio and trying to kick myself into gear. I had such an incredible time with my Grandmother and family. It went by way too fast…as things do when you are having fun. It was the first time I had been back to Ohio since my Grandfather passed away and there was a little something melancholy and sweet about my time there. Strangely enough, it was the most relaxed I have been in a VERY long time. Ohio always seems to do that to me though, life just slows down while I am there and I always feel so at peace.

We took a 4 generations picture with my Grandmother, Mother, me, and L. We went to the zoo, went shopping, and played games while sipping hot tea. We relaxed by the pond on the swing my Grandfather purchased before he passed, and we laughed, remembered, and enjoyed good conversation.

I am already looking forward to going back…I always hate to leave.

Swinging with GrandmaSweet FaceJoyfulBlissA walk around the yardColumbus ZooZoo DayManateeFour GenerationsGrandma, Great Aunt Dorothy, and usGrandma and her Great-GrandchildGirls day out.

Five things…

18th July 2013

…to remember when traveling with an infant.

First Flight

On our trip to Maine, I learned a few things about traveling with a baby on an airplane. It is so different than driving. I had to pair down and only bring the essentials and even then I still felt as though I had too much. It was easy having R with me to help out, but L and I are going to be making an airplane trip solo soon and I need to rethink a few things.

1. Toys, Toys, Toys…keep them distracted. We bought L some new “airplane” toys for our trip to Maine and she was so enamored with them the whole flight up, but by the time we boarded to head back home she was already bored with them. Note self: Save some for the trip home. 

2. Pack as light as possible. I had a diaper bag and another bag that held my breast pump and computer…both were bulky and I wished I had somehow consolidated. I will need to consolidate for the next trip so that I only have one bag to worry about + L.

3. Babywear. I usually wear L everywhere except for walks around the neighborhood or long days out, so I opted to not even bring a stroller and just wear her. Best decision ever. I can’t imagine having one more thing to worry about. If you realize you must have a stroller upon arrival, you could always pick up a 20$ umbrella stroller.

4. Breastfeed (or bottle feed) when the plane is taking off and landing. We had a bottle of pumped milk on standby in case L did not want to breastfeed (she gets squirmy when there is a lot going on). She fell right to sleep as we took off and was pretty happy the whole 3 hour flight.  We brought the boppy pillow and it really helped keep her comfy while eating, napping, and playing.

5. Change their diaper before boarding. I know accidents happen and you might HAVE to change their diaper while in the air but the changing table is super tiny and dirty. I was trying to keep her little hands from touching everything while changing her diaper on a fold down table over the toilet in a tiny, tiny, bathroom. Not fun. Change before, unless necessary.

Also, I brought disinfectant wipes to wipe down the area we were seated in (windows, table, arm rests etc.) because airplanes are covered with germs and L has some grabby hands. She of course wanted to touch everything and I was glad that I had wiped them down.

Thats all…for now.



15th July 2013

We are back from a relaxing and restorative vacation in Maine. A cabin, a lake, friends, campfires, marshmallows, and board games…it doesn’t get much better. We went last year when I was pregnant with L and this year seemed so different…so needed. We have been so stressed and uptight with all that has happened in our lives this past year. We bought a home, moved, had a baby, lost both of my Grandfathers, and have had some financial difficulties that we have been recovering from…so yes, this vacation was MUCH needed.

L did amazing on the flight and only fussed once out of boredom (it was a 3 hour flight). We spent a lot of lazy days at the cabin and two days out and about for a lobster roll and shopping, but mostly we just took in the simplicity of the nature around us.

I went for a couple morning jogs, to make up for all of the buttery, sugary, salty yumminess that I indulged in while on vacation, and it was one of my favorite moments while there. The fresh air, the time alone, the adrenaline rush…maybe I should making running a daily thing.

Overall we came back, sad that it was over, but with a feeling of renewal about where we are in our lives currently. We tend to put so much added pressure on ourselves to have things a certain a way and it was so nice to take a step back and feel whole again…so with our new restored mindset we are jumping back into the daily grind with a few changes.

First, we are doing a 30 day Paleo cleanse to get healthy and fit and second, I am going to focus on getting our lives more organized.

It’s going to be great.

Seashell GarlandLobster RollWagon WheelS'moreSweet GirlFamily PhotoA walk in the woods.

It’s a Monday: Florida Stay-cation Recap

17th June 2013


Last week we took a few days off and relaxed pool side with our little family. It is hard to imagine life without L now. She completes us in the best of ways and even though we vacation a little differently now, (i.e. bedtime at 9:30pm), it is fulfilling and fun in a new and exciting way.

We lounged at the pool, bought a new raft for L, walked around Downtown Celebration,  went to Animal Kingdom Lodge for breakfast, and battled the rain at Sea World. It was a great little getaway for creating new memories in our little family. I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

SummertimeLoungeDaddy's GirlSea WorldFamilyEvening StrollAnimal Kingdom Lodge

Friday Love: Six Months

8th June 2013

Oh my this week flew by! My little girl turned 6 MONTHS yesterday! Hard to believe she is half a year old already. Crazy. She is sitting up pretty well, teething like crazy, starting to form little words, and loves to pull herself up by holding on to our fingers. She is amazing.


This weekend we are going on a mini staycation to the resorts down by Disney. I am looking forward to playing in the pool and just relaxing a bit for a couple of days. What are your fun plans for the weekend?

Here is what I am loving this week:

* Fun new antique store finds.

* Gluten-free glorious morning muffins.

* These nails.

* A nice glass of wine at the end of a long week.

Have a lovely weekend!


One Busy Summer

18th July 2012

I am just catching a breath after the last month of travel. It has been a whirlwind. I went to the Keys for my friend Charity’s Bachelorette weekend. It was a great time with some great girls. Shortly after coming home from the Keys, Ryan and I flew to Maine to spend a week with some friends at their lake house. It was so relaxing and peaceful. Time just kind of slows down up there, and that was nice.
After returning from Maine, we had a Doctors appointment and got to see our sweet baby again. Then we celebrated Charity’s wedding to her sweet husband Erwin. Shortly after that, Me and my sister-in-law Meghan drove over to Tampa for the weekend to see Coldplay and enjoy a little girls getaway. Coldplay was amazing and so was the company.
The next week Ryan and I drove to Charlotte, NC to help my brother a week before he married the love of his life, Lilia. It was a beautiful time with friends and family and a gorgeous wedding between two very deserving people.
We are home now and trying to catch our breath. Tomorrow we have a big day…we find out the sex of our baby. I am super excited! I hope you all have had a wonderful summer so far. I look forward to sharing with you all the news of our little one soon.
Here are some pictures of our summer so far…
The girlsKey lime pieSouthernmost pointScallopsSunsetFishing at duskSeasideLighthouseAcadia National ParkFathers Day in MaineAcadia National ParkThe closest we came to a moose

It’s a Monday

28th November 2011

Life has been crazy over the last couple of weeks. We did take some time to enjoy a little family time in Ohio for Thanksgiving. It was lovely. The weather was perfect, we played games, shopped thrift stores, cooked, laughed, and watched movies. It was overall a wonderful time. I am so thankful for my family and the time we get to spend together. Nothing can ever really compare to it. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. I am ready for the Holiday season. We decorated our tree last night and Ryan strung Christmas lights all over our tiny apartment. It’s pretty, in a tacky, redneck sort of way.
OhioKaraThanksgiving PrepHappy Thanksgiving!GrandpaBrothers

There’s No Place Like Napa

16th November 2011

Napa Valley, CA in the Fall is as fun as a kid visiting Disney World in the Summer. It is like a theme park for wine lovers. Ryan and I stopped over in wine country for a short trip before flying back home from San Francisco. It is everything I imagined it would be and more. The grapes were hanging on the vines, the sweet smell of harvest was in the air, and the moon loomed over the valley every night. We got lost amongst the hillsides and came across some incredible vineyards. We even stopped over for a picnic at sunset. The food was amazing and the weather was perfect. I would do it all over again, and I hope that someday we will get the chance to do just that.
NapaBeringerDoorwayDoorwayOakville GroceryPumpkin PatchWhite PumpkinDinerBurgerWineryNapa at nightField of grapesCellarWelcome to NapaGrape HarvestPicnicCheers

West Coast Fun

10th November 2011

Ryan and I have been all over the place these last few months and I keep wondering to myself when we will slow down, not that I am complaining. We recently headed out West for a friends wedding. I love the West Coast. I love the weather, the beaches, the mountains, hiking trails, shopping, and the food. I had never been to San Francisco before and after our little trip, I am officially in love with the Bay City. On our first day, we walked around San Fran and then drove south a little ways to Aptos, CA. We stayed at an UHHHHmazzzing house on the beach and awoke to the sun rising over the Pacific. We spent the entire next day in Monterey, CA staring at fish in an enormous aquarium and driving along the coast. The rest of the weekend was filled with wedding festivities. It was a beautiful wedding and a lovely time with some of the best people I know.
BoatsFish TacosRawrrrr!Golden GateSealsmeThe RussellsCable CarMorning in AptosMonterey AquariumMonterey Aquarium
RedwoodsLayla and SteveUs


9th November 2011

As you may have noticed my week away turned into a month. I am back from a hiatus. I came home from California to find that my blog had been hacked, and to be quite honest it was a welcome break. I needed to decompress. I needed to take a break and hit refresh. It has been a crazy last couple of months and my brain is still trying to catch up with my body. But I am back and I have  so much to share. Pardon my site, it will be undergoing some changes for the next couple of months. I have so many stories to share with you of California and other adventures. In the meantime take a look at this video that my friend Cass posted of our trip to California.