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Friday Love

9th November 2013

Hello beautiful, cool weather, and hello Friday! I have been getting crafty this week working on a gallery wall up the stairs, decorations for L’s 1st Bday, and painting a paper-mache giraffe to hang in the nursery. This weekend I am looking forward to getting outside and enjoying this lovely weather

Here is what I am loving this week:

* Thanksgiving Decor.

* It’s that time a year…Five ways to help with the FLU. blech.

* Pumpkin Chili…YUM.

* This reupholstered chair…so pretty.

Also Loving ~

* Paleo pumpkin pancakes.

* My munch blowing me sweet kisses.

* Crafting.

* Cooler weather.

Have a lovely weekend!

Fall is here.

16th October 2013

It is hard to get into the spirit of Fall when you live in Florida. Our Fall does not really show itself until Christmas, and even then it has its humid moments. This weekend we embraced the Fall for what it is here in the sunshine state, and went to an arts festival, ate kettle corn and pumpkin pie gelato, went to a pumpkin patch and took pictures, bought pumpkins and went for a drive in the country. It was festive and relaxing. While the rest of the Country is pulling on their boots and sweaters and raking leaves (I’m not jealous), I am still enjoying my sandals and warm weather. This weekend was perfection, and Fall is here, so I am embracing our warm weather version of my favorite time of year. DSC_0441MesmerizedDSC_0516Daddy's GirlDSC_0581DSC_0558

Friday Love

4th October 2013

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It has been a whirlwind these past couple of weeks. I have been working a lot more and I am trying to find that sweet balance between working from home and being a mom and a wife. It is not easy. But I am always up for a challenge. After a very full week, I am looking forward to a somewhat relaxing weekend with my family.

Here is what I am loving this week:

* This Print!

* Fun fall projects. (I can’t believe its FALL!)

* Carrot soup. yum.

* I am loving this space.

Also Loving ~

* Cooler nights.

* Busy days.

* Grain-free banana bread.

Have a lovely weekend!

Boats, BBQ, and Babies

3rd September 2013

We had such a great weekend. On Sunday we spent all day on a boat, went to the springs, grilled out, and hung out with good friends. We rented two pontoon boats to hold 7 families for the day. I must say I was skeptical about taking an almost 9 month old on a boat ALL day long, but she did so amazing. The only challenge we ran into was the fact that she did not want to eat most of the day, so it was a struggle trying to keep fluids in her in the hot blistering heat. It was chaotic at times, but we survived, and we were glad we went. The rest of the weekend went by too fast and now I am in for a short but busy week.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

On a Boat! Blue Springs The Pappas Family The Dayton's Cruising with Daddy One tired baby nom, nom, nom passed out Springs


Friday Love

30th August 2013

Yay! For the weekend. I have been so busy this week and I am looking forward to some family time. We have a big day planned on Sunday with some boating and grilling out. I love three day weekends, don’t you?

Here is what I am loving this week. ~

* What a beautiful home in Norway.

* These Bags!

* Adorable handmade seahorse.

* I made these short ribs last night…and ohmygoodness. They are so yum.

Also Loving ~

* Hints of Fall.

* Frozen Grapes.

* Unruly Hair.

Have a lovely weekend!

Photo Credit: FLEE

Friday Love

9th August 2013

Grandpa's backyard
So excited about this coming week. L and I are taking our first solo airplane trip to visit my Grandma in Ohio. Slightly nervous about how she will do, but excited just the same. This week was great…I made it to the gym every single day and have so much energy despite lack of sleep. Looking forward to a fun weekend and getting ready to go north.

Here is what I am loving this week:

* Such a great post on “hurrying up”, I am definitely more of a stop and smell the roses gal.

* I may have to get this suit for my superman loving spouse. lol.

* I love everything about this changing table.

* I am kind of on a rhubarb kick as of late. YUM.

Also loving:

* This book.

* Homemade frappuccinos with coconut milk.

* New projects.

Have a lovely weekend!

It’s a Monday

5th August 2013

Hello! I had such a great weekend! My sis-in-law and I went indoor rock climbing on Saturday morning and it was so much fun. I was in the best mood afterwards. I cannot wait to go again. We had family over for dinner Saturday night and relaxed most of Sunday. Our paleo eating is still going well and I made the most incredible strawberry-rhubarb crisp for dessert the other evening.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Scenes from the weekend:
Airplane with Daddy

Rhubarb crisp

Catching up on summer fashions


Friday Love

2nd August 2013

Wind Surfer
Well I didn’t get much done this week. Sheesh! The week flew by so fast. I did somehow manage to make it to the gym everyday this week though, so this Mama is feeling good. Our paleo diet is going lovely, aside from the occasional handfuls of popcorn here and there, but seriously…my body feels great. Oh, and I got a haircut for the first time in 5 months…total win.

Here is what I am loving this week:

* Ways to help a child be blessing…love it.

* This print.

* This photo shoot is lovely.

* White chocolate pie…oh my.

Also loving ~

* A nice day at the salon.

* Breezy nights.

* Coconut manna.

* Smoothies.

It’s a Monday: Positive Thinking

29th July 2013

My week is off to a MUCH better start than last week. I have decided to throw out the negative thoughts and guilt that have been accumulating over my daughters horrible sleep patterns, and to think positive and have a “just go with it” attitude. It seems to be working, so far. I cannot change how my daughter sleeps and I know that one day it will get better, so for now I am just going to love on her and keep working towards getting her to sleep, someday.
This past weekend we trekked out to the beach and played in the tide pools, had family over for dinner, and went to the zoo on Sunday. We also have made a new rule about our new Paleo lifestyle. We have deemed Sunday as our cheat day where we can have one cheat meal and one cheat dessert. That may be why my mood is a little brighter this Monday, SUGAR.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.
Fun at the ZOO.Rhinos

Friday Love

26th July 2013

A walk in the forest

This week has been so slooooow. Mostly because my daughter has given up sleep all together, I am about ready to do the same. I am very glad it is Friday, I desperately need to get out and do something fun.

Here is what I am loving this week:

* This post was kind of needed this week.

* I love beets and these burgers look interesting.

* I want these jeans.

* How adorable is this suitcase!

Also Loving ~

* coffee…lots of coffee.

* pilates.

* Anything coconut.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!