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Costa Rican Paradise: Days 1, 2, & 3

26th September 2011

The day we arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica was beautiful. It was warm and breezy and perfect for a 6 hour road trip to the peninsula. We rolled the windows down in our 4X4 Suzuki Jimmy and let the Costa Rican air seep into our lungs. I could feel any stress that I had begin to melt away and any worries float out the window. It was just Ryan and I, and the many adventures that awaited our week in Costa Rica.

We arrived at Hotel Luna Azul at around 7pm. We quickly settled in and then had the most amazing, out of this world dinner I have ever had…and I am not exaggerating. It was delicious. We became fast friends with the owners and staff of the hotel. Our little bungalow overlooked a valley, had an outdoor shower, and complete privacy. It was the most beautiful, relaxing place I have ever been to. Over the course of our four day stay at Hotel Luna Azul, it began to feel like home. It became a place that we will continue to return to over and over again.

The next day we woke up to an incredible breakfast and then got ready for our first day of exploring. We went into the town of Nosara and with it being the rainy season, we had to cross a few rivers and one very large river. I am not experienced in river crossing as a passenger in a tiny 4×4, nor do I think I ever want to be. It was scary. There may or may not have been a few moments of panic and tiny, or loud, squeals from me but we made it. And it was an adventure. The town of Nosara is quaint and filled with lots of yoga and surfing…which would normally be perfect for us, but the yoga institute was closed for the month and the surf was nothing epic. So we did a little exploring on the other side of the river, and checked out a beautiful hidden cove.

The third day we went back into the town of Nosara to do Miss Sky’s Canopy Tour, only this time we parked our car at the large river walked across the footbridge and had the tour guides pick us up….on dirt bikes. It was so much fun!!! and scary…but so much fun! The Canopy tour was absolutely incredible. We felt like Tarzan and Jane flying over the jungle. There is nothing like it.  Our guides made the whole experience extra fun. We hiked to a nearby waterfall before our final zip line. On the way back from the waterfall our guides thought it would be funny to play a prank on us and pretended to be a gorilla in disguise that jumped out at us. They got us. We screamed and then laughed. Overall it was a pretty great experience. We closed out the day with a trip to Playa Marbella to check out the surf and sunset.
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